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Omar Hisham Al Arabi

The Omar Hisham Al Arabi Youtube Channel is reaching out to you for your support. They need your support so that they can continue to produce daily Quran recitation videos of surahs in his unique styles.

His Vision

Omar Hisham Al Arabi wants to circulate his beautiful recitations all over the world with translations in every language to help spread the word of Allah to as many people as possible. He already receives messages from around the world especially from the Muslim youth on how inspiring his recitations are. This response has motivated him to work even harder to produce these recitations.

What are The Funds For?

The costs involved in running his channel and keeping up with demand have been quite high and he is struggling to keep up with demand which is worldwide.

Here is a summary of costs over 12 months:

COMPUTING EQUIPMENT: £1840 ($2276.63)
AUDIO EQUIPMENT: £654 ($809.19)
RECORDING: £2691.32 ($3329.97)
ENGINEERING: £1830 ($2264.26)
SOFTWARE: £227.99 ($282.09)
VIDEO EDITING: £11600 ($14352.68)
TOTAL COST: £18,843.31 ($23,315.26)

On top of these costs are the following:

Footage expenses (typically between $100 - $300+ per clip)
Translation editing costs
Equipment repair
Administrative costs

A single 10 minute video costs between £150 - £500 to produce.

Why Can't He Do It For Free?

If he was financially able to cover all costs then he would and has already done so to this point in order to bring the project to a level where it is now but needs your help to continue.

His Aim

- To record in all the different styles the complete Quran that are requested.
- To provide high quality videos in all requested languages such as Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Urdu, Indonesian, Korean, Chinese, French, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Greek and many more!
- to provide exciting and refreshing new concept videos of the highest quality which will attract and engage people from all over the world from all races, colours and languages.

To make a donation to this project, visit his GoFundMe page.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or if you just want to express your support then please email your duas and well wishes as they mean everything!


Watch the video below to hear his lovely voice

To download the Qur'an below, right-click on each link and select 'Save Link/Target as', depending on your browser, it may say 'save target as' then choose the location on your computer and save it.

Surahs 1-40