Orphanage Project

Narrated Sahl bin Sa'd (ra): The Prophet said,
I and the person who looks after an Orphan and provides for him, will be (together) in Paradise like this - putting his index and middle fingers together. (Saheeh Al Bukhari, Book 8, Volume 73, Hadith 34 )

AllahsWord.com has begun an Orphanage fund where the users of this site can donate money to help in the building of an orphanage in Bangladesh.

This is the 2nd major project undertaken by AllahsWord.com

The first project which has been running for over 2 years now was the building of 2 Mosque & Education Centres in Bangladesh which also supports 20 orphans (10 orphans in each Mosque). Monthly contributions ensures that the orphans are clothed, fed and are receiving an Islamic Education and also ensures that the mosque itself is fully functional and offering the 5 daily prayers.

Every so often (when we can afford it), we double our monthly contribution so that a cow can be slaughtered and cooked which ends up feeding over 300 people. For many of them, this may be the first time that they have eaten meat all year. Other times a cow is slaughtered and the meat is distributed in plastic bags for them to take home to their families. Any money that is left over is reinvested in educational excursions for the orphans as the majority of them have never been outside of their village.

We are pleased to say that Eid prayers were performed for the first time in many years due to the newly constructed mosques with a huge turnout. Extra contributions from us during the month of Ramadan allows for iftar (breaking of fast) programs where the mothers of the orphans and some other local poor and needy are invited to break their fast at the mosque.

The project also holds yearly festivals where the whole community is invited for a day of fun and interaction.

Recently, the Mayor of the area visited the project and was blown away by its impact on the community and the project's success.

A report was given to us about the project and 1 comment stood out to us from the entire report. The person who wrote the report said "Many mothers were coming up to me and asking me when their orphaned child would be able to be included in the program". This comment touched our heart and our eyes became filled with sorrow because we are stretched to our maximum, supporting 20 orphans on our own and we can't afford to take on anymore.

We understand that we can't help every orphan but we were still depressed for a couple of days and feeling helpless. And then it hit us! Why not use our website (AllahsWord.com) to reach out to Muslims who are willing to contribute in the building of an orphanage. Even $1 can make a difference!

The land has already been donated and is awaiting funds to begin the construction of the orphanage. There is no administration fees (except paypal fees) as the entire project is run by volunteers which means that 98% of your contribution will reach its intended destination (Paypal takes around 2%) so you can donate with confidence.

Once the orphanage is constructed, photos will be uploaded to AllahsWord.com so that you will be able to see its progress.

Even though Allah will reward you for your contributions and double whatever you have contributed back to your credit, the liberal reward of having helped a community of your Muslim brothers and sisters is more than enough reward.

We can make a difference!

Why Bangladesh you ask, because we found that our dollar goes a lot further there which means that we can help the maximum number of our Muslim brothers and sisters there with the available funds even though we are not from Bangladesh.

Muslims are one brotherhood regardless of where they are from.

In the sight of Allah, an Orphan from Bangladesh is as equal as a king from Saudi Arabia!

Lets work together in giving our fellow Muslims the basic essentials of life.

This is the first orphanage project and Insha Allah together, we will be able to build orphanages all over the world.

If you can't afford to donate, that's ok, please make dua (Supplications) for the project instead or of course you can do both!

Photos of Current Project

(Click on photos to see full size)

Orphans Learning Qur'an

Orphan Excursion

Slaughtering a Cow & Distribution of
Meat & Dry Food

Jummah (Friday) Prayers

Ramadan Iftar (Breaking of Fast) Program

Eid Prayers - Eid Ul Fitr

Eid Ul Udha Prayers

Annual Festival & Fun Day

Final Days of Ramadan 2010
Massive Iftar Program 200+ Locals
(Download PDF Below)


Orphanage Project Update!

Al Humdoolilah (All Praise is Due to Allah)!

Stage 1 of the 'AllahsWord.com Orphanage' has been completed!

We couldn't raise enough funds to build the orphanage out of brick so please make dua to keep the 'Big Bad Wolf' away :)

The capacity for the orphanage is 30 orphans insha Allah (God Willing).

By the Grace of Allah, He has blessed us with some extra funds and so AllahsWord.com has matched the contributions from the users of this site so that we can build another building exactly the same size, directly opposite. We are calling it the 'AllahsWord.com Children's Refuge'. This way AllahsWord.com and its users can provide shelter, food, water, medicine & Islamic education to both, Orphans and the poor.

Many of you are probably unaware that thousands of children sleep out in the open on the streets of Bangladesh every night. The 'AllahsWord.com Children's Refuge' is being purposely built for those children sleeping on the street because no child should have to sleep on the street, Muslim or not.

Al Humdoolilah one of our users has made a very generous contribution (May Allah reward him with the highest levels in Jannah) to the orphanage and also to building a Mosque next door to the orphanage.

On one side of the orphanage will be a mosque and on the other side a school is being built which will be government funded and directly opposite will be the 'Children's Refuge'. Plans are also underway to establish a market place diagonally opposite the orphanage so that we can establish a small refuge community where all can benefit Insha Allah.

Construction of a girls toilet and bathroom is also underway and the boys will be able to use the facilities of the Mosque's toilet and bathroom so Al Humdoolilah, it's all coming together.

Click on the 2nd image below to get an idea of how it will all look once completed insha Allah.

To the right of the image (where the 2 children are standing) is the place where the girl's toilet and bathroom will be built (insha Allah). To the left of the image, past the roadway with the 2 horse driven carts, you will be able to see a patch of very green grass, this is where the Mosque will be built (insha Allah). At the bottom of the image, where the pile of dirt is (next to the man in the green stripped shirt) is where the 'AllahsWord.com Children's Refuge' will be built (insha Allah). In the direction in which the man with the green stripped shirt is walking, will be where the market place will be established (Insha Allah) and lastly, to the right of where the girl's toilet will be, is where the school is being built (insha Allah).

In the sixth picture below (the picture with the ducks) you can just see, to the right, where the school is being built.

So as you can see, we can make a difference!

Now we will need ongoing contributions to support the orphans and the children's refuge so please donate whatever you can, whenever you can even if it is only $1. If a thousand users each donate $1 per month, we will be able to support all 60 children insha Allah and remember the hadith at the top of this page about those who support orphans. Wouldn't you love to walk through the gates of Jannah, shoulder to shoulder with the prophet (peace and blessings upon him)?

Allah never allows your wealth to diminish through zakat, instead, He doubles it back to your credit. The best way to save money is to donate it!!! Only a Muslim thinks like this, Al humdoolilah!

May Allah reward ALL those whom contributed to this project, be it by way of money or dua (supplication) or both with the highest levels in Jannah, Ameen!


Orphanage Construction Underway

(Click on photos to see full size)

AllahsWord.com Orphanage Construction completed

Side View




"They ask you, (O Muhammad), what they shall spend
(In Charity). Say: that which you spend for good (must go)
to Parents and near Kindred and Orphans and the needy and
the wayfarer. And whatsoever good you do, lo! Allah is
(Well) Aware of it." (Surah 2:215 - Al Baqarah)




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